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Urgent Sales post ! I need these gone !

Hello ! I am from France and I want to sell these pieces. I accept paypal only. I will edit this post regularly.


- Angelic Pretty cape, in cream x white, in really good condition, never worn by me (I am the second owner), 50€ + shipping


AP cape

- Lolita winter coat, worn once or twice, very warm for the winter ! Price : 110€ 100€ + shipping

Lolita coat


- Carousel JSK from Bodyline, M size, 50€

Measurements according Bodyline

Back center of length 96cm
Bust 84-92cm
Waist 68-74cm


- FEELER AatP Beauty and the Rose Promise JSK + socks + headbow. Pictures will come later.


- FEELER Lusty'n Wonderland Romantic Garden OP, worn once by me. Pictures will come later.


- Millefeuille JSK from BTSSB, 100€ 75€ + shipping
I think it's a L size because it's too big for me so it's plussize friendly (I see four hearts on the tag).

My flat measurements (with the tight lacing) :

Bust : 44cm (I am 90cm for the bust and it's ok for me and it can be ok for bigger bust)
Waist : 38cm
Length (from braces) : 96cm


- BTSSB L'oiseau bleu JSK, 160€ + shipping

Like new, in perfect condition, worn once by me (I'm the second owner but the first owner worn it once or twice too)

Link to Lolibrary :


L"oiseau bleu

- BTSSB L'oiseau bleu JSK in pink, 100€ + shipping

Good condition but the dress has little stains. I can take pictures if you want.

Link to Lolibrary :


L"oiseau bleu2

- Lady Sloth JSK, new and never worn, with tag, 50€ + shipping


Measurements according Lady Sloth :
Bust : about 91cm
Waist : about 71cm

- FEELER Metamorphose temps de fille swan lake OP in bordeaux : let's consider your offers


Swan Lake OP
- Bodyline macaron JSK in brown (will come soon)


- AP cutsew, never worn by me but I am the second owner, 40€

- Infanta cutsew Jam in black (will come soon)


- Qcutie Land replica from Putumayo Window Cat skirt + socks from Putumayo in white. The set : 50€ + shipping
I won't split the set (even if someone wants the skirt and other person wants the socks).




- Masquerade Letters bag from AatP, 150€

Masquerade Letters bag

- AP Pony bag, 150€

Poney bag
- FEELER Usakumya bag in black :



- Chocomint lavender bow, new and never worn / opened :


- Headdress BTSSB, 25€


Wishlist !

Bonjour ! Je me décide enfin à faire un post Wishlist, pour que cela soit plus clair pour tout le monde sur les communautés, notamment sur EGL :) Si jamais vous vendez ou voyez un objet susceptible de me plaire, n'hésitez pas à me laisser un commentaire *o* Merci !

Hello ! So this is my wishlist :) If you want to sell one item I want or one item you see, can you answer to my post ? *o* Thanks !

My wishlist <3Collapse )

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Bonjour ! Si vous désirez voir mon blog, vous pouvez tout simplement me rajouter en tant qu'ami (et je serai libre d'accepter ou non votre requête). Si je fais cela, c'est pour éviter que tout le monde ne puisse voir mes photos (pour raisons personnelles, je n'ai rien contre les lolitas). Merci pour votre compréhension ! ^__^

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